is not dead, it’s moving!

Modernize your physical retail along with your online business.

80% of store visitors leave your shop empty-handed.
Do you know why?

Brick-and-mortar can move forward with digitalization.

Physical stores are losing 30% of revenue because of the lack of proper data gathering and analysis.

Yet 75% of consumers would prefer to shop in-store if an item is available both online and offline.

You are ready to use Shoppit - right now.

Shoppit is a SaaS-based solution, which doesn’t require any additional infrastructure or hardware mounted in your shop.

We connect big data and customers of your store. By giving them access to information via a mobile website, we improve the shopping experience. Check how the conversion, satisfaction, and loyalty of your customers can increase!

Omnichannel buying experienceConnect the online and offline world flawlessly.
Seamless shoppingNo queues, no waiting, no confusion.
Increase AOVSatisfied customers spend more money.
Personalize offline shoppingUnleash the power of advanced analytics in a real-world.
Mobile shopping assistantProvides in-store navigation and knows everything about your products.
Happy and loyal customersOne by one.

We are shoppit.

To avoid the immense decline of Brick and Mortar, we have to create a new and better digital seamless shopping experience.

I believe we need to modify the way store members work today and empower the customer with better digital tools in the store while shopping.

To make this happen, I assembled a team of fantastic people with complementary competence.

Peder Aaserud, CEO
Peder AaserudCEO

Recognized tech founder and thought leader with many years of experience scaling up successful software companies. Peder has excellent expertise within omnichannel towards the e-commerce and retail industry.

Maciej KucharzCTO/CPO

Tech entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in designing and implementing digital products; strong technical background mixed with a lot of passion for product management.

Trond Riiber KnudsenChief Visionary Officer

Founder and CEO of TRK Group AS. He was a Senior Partner and member of the leadership group in McKinsey & Company, with responsibility for McKinsey’s Marketing & Sales practice. Trond has extended knowledge about leading companies within consumer goods, retail, media, telecom and technology.

Nikolai FastingChief Strategy Officer

Investor and tech entrepreneur for over 30 years; founding or co-founding more than 20 tech companies with global impact.

Maciej KorsanChief Experience Officer / R&D

Experienced tech leader & trainer with interests in functional and accessible digital products. He is converting ideas and designs into living pixels since 2006.

Arild H. LilandAdvisor logistics & strategy

Consultant and specialist in marketing, customer journey, business development, communications and change management. Experienced top level manager in the Nordic logistics and e-commerce markets

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